Who are you?

St Monday is a brand new and fiercely independent clothing label aimed at the maverick-minded sportsman.

What is your aim?

To deliver a range of modern streetwear clothing to attract new blood to a fascinating game.

What are you?

Design, music and golf fanatics with a less-than-traditional take on life.

Where are you?

We are based in the UK, but our culture and community is global.

Why St Monday?

In the 17th Century workers often toiled away all weekend.

St Monday became an unofficial day off, as management would turn a blind eye to their absence.

What is the Culture of Absenteeism?

It is the art of claiming time for yourself, in any way you can. It is the joy of self-leisure. It is the future.

Where are your clothes sourced and manufactured?

All our garments are made in Britain, using as much British and recycled fabrics as we can find.

Are they strictly for the golf course?

No rules apply.

Wear them how you want, where you want, when you want.


St Monday are unashamed in their love of golf, but found nothing to wear.


The sport was seemingly the last bastion of appalling fashion, cut so far adrift from progressive thinking.


On the 2.5.17 we set about designing a range of modern streetwear clothing to attract a new, young and diverse generation to disrupt, with good intent, the antiquated hierarchy, for the future growth of this fascinating game.